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Sales-mind is a team development consultancy that is “all about mindset”. We develop mental toughness in growth-oriented leadership teams, full-time sales teams and professionals that need to sell as part of their role.

We see training and development in sales as a “wedding cake” (above) and we live in the foundation layer at the bottom.

Sales and leadership in the 21st century are tough jobs requiring focus, resilience and motivation.  What we do is evidence-based and draws from business psychology, sports psychology and neuroscience. We provide a mix of highly experiential – and PowerPoint-free – workshops and coaching that drive behavioural change.

Co-founded by a career sales director and a CEO-turned-business psychologist with decades of experience of running sales teams, sales-mind has delivered tangible results for companies that include BT, BP, CA Technologies, De Vere Venues and PWC.

To find out more about our approach, read our article: Sales Initiative Magazine February 2013.

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